Old school thinking was that coloring pages were mostly for little kids. NOT SO!
A study has shown that coloring pages are relaxing and enjoyed by all ages - including adults and Junior high kids! AND crayons are back in fashion!

In one study with junior high kids, coloring pages ideally prepared for kindergarteners were left on the table with crayons. Gradually, one kid picked up a page and a couple of colors, and then another, etc. No one was told to color, no one mentioned it. The lesson began and the kids continued coloring and listening. This seemed to be a great calmer for otherwise fidgety children who could then listen more easily. The grade level of the page did not deter the kids. Try it yourself.

Whether you have a few minutes to fill at the end of a lesson or need a welcoming thing to do as everyone arrives....really there are many reasons to need a coloring page.... we hope you find what you need in our ever growing new collection of coloring pages. Each of our pages always adds a little something that ties in with Christian education. It may be a question, something to think about or a related Bible passage.

Many Christmas Coloring Pages

- a continually growing selection of Christian Christmas coloring pages.

NEW --
We've got Bells in our Bell Trees!

SIZE: All pages are from 7 to 7.5 inches wide, so they easily print on one page.If they print smaller than this width, adjust your printing specifications.

DESIGN AND GRADING: All our Christmas coloring pages are our own design, and have clean, sharp images for coloring. Pages are shown with suggested grades from Preschool through 8th grade- but as proven recently, even the simplest designs are useful to all ages!!. Coloring pages shown as Preschool-k have heavier lines especially for youngest children.Please use your judgement and experience with your particular class weighed against our suggest grade levels. These can be coloring pages for adults as well.

You are welcome to print several pages and make your own Christmas Coloring Book.*

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Christmas tree to color angel to color star to color
Circle Symbol Tree Joyous Angel Shazam Star
pdf Circle symbol Tree pdf Joyous Angel pdf Shazam Star
P3-4 (just to color)Gr K-3 for symbols
P3-Gr 2 Grade 4-8
Christmas Symbols Tidings of Joy Natal Star
Christmas tree to color Christmas tree to color holly wreath to color
Curly Tree Children of God Tree Holly Wreath
pdf Curly Tree pdfChildren of God Tree PDFHolly Wreath
Gr 2-5 Gr 1-8 Gr 1-6
Symbols God Holy circle

baby Jesus to color candle to color candle to color
About Jesus in a Manger Jesus is the Light Jesus is the Light(pre)
pdf Jesus in a Manger pdf Jesus is the Light pdfJesus is the Light
Pre-Gr 3 Gr1-5


Baby in a manger Jesus is the Light Jesus is the Light
Star over Bethlehem to color Holly to color holly berries to color
A Star Appeared Holly Holly (preschool)
pdfA Star Appeared pdf Holly pdf Holly (P-K)
Broad Gr 1-5 Preschool-K
Star of Bethlehem Holy holly Holy holly
.berry Wreath
Bell Tree Bell Tree  
pdfBell Tree- p-k pdf Bell Tree pdf Berry Wreath
k-1 Gr 2-6 Any
Ring out the Joy Ring out the Joy God
snowman with mittens on earth on earth
pdf Snowman pdf Peace on Earth pdfPeace on Earth
age Younger age Broad age Broad
subjectSnow is God's miracle and like you, each one is unique. subject Peace on Earth subject Peace on Earth


starset1 starset2 starset3
pdf Starset 1 pdf Starset 2 pdf Starset 3
age Broad age age
subject The Natal Star subject The Natal Star subject The Natal Star


starset4 Watch for another one Watch for another one
pdf Starset 4 pdf pdf
age Broad age age
subject The Natal Star subject subject



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