Sunday School Kid's Dove to color - or not to color!

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Coronation Dove - Mary's Dove - the annunciation



Unique Christmas Dove coloring page
How is this a unique Christmas coloring page?

1. Usually, children color the main subject or object in the picture. In this picture, the main object is the dove, which is WHITE. This means the children are to color everything except the dove. Talk to the children about this before they begin. Ask them if they can find the stripes? Can they see the dove? (DO NOT COLOR BODY OR WINGS). What is the circle around the dove's head? A Halo or aura. It is light shining around the dove's head. Help identify parts of the bird before they start- Color the stripes, the halo and the dove's feet and beak! If they ask about the eye, they can color the eye too!

2. In Christian lore and tradition, the dove is usually the symbol of the Holy Spirit or "heavenly messenger," particularly found in portrayals of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.
Franciscan Cyberspot

So the dove, though not specifically appearing at the nativity, is often shown as relating to Mary.

Shown here is one of the early paintings with Mary and the dove. It is the coronation of Mary, even though I am pretty sure no such event ever took place. This dove may be related to the idea of the dove that appears at Jesus' baptism, as one might say God is well pleased with Mary to bless her with this special baby.

Luke 1: 26-38
P3- grade 2
Kids Sunday School Christmas Craft

Copies of the activity pages for each student
-please use the heaviest paper possible.

Markers or crayons or colored pencils
Color the stripes, the halo and the dove's feet and beak!

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Christmas coloring page - Mary's Dove