Kid's unique paper Christmas star-easier than it looks!
Large, Easy and Magnificent Christmas Star Ornament!

Outstanding Christmas Star Ornament


Stands out among other flat star Christmas ornaments. Depending on the kind of paper you use, you will get many different results.

NO COLORING REQUIRED. It's all about the paper you use!

PLAIN WHITE PAPER and gold glitter and you will have a Chrismon star! (Fastest and easiest)
One-sided patterned paper (Like the sky stationary used in the example) to get a dual colored star
Different Solid colored papers for unusual effects.

OPTIONS: Add your own Christmas decorations to the star: sequins, a center bead, or anything else you have on hand.

Grades - 2-6 (Easy cutting for grades 1, but some dexterity needed to roll the star points)
Kid's Christmas Craft: Ornament
Star of Bethlehem Ornament

- Plain White Paper
- Colored Paper
- One side decorated paper or patterned paper
- Printable scrapbook paper

Copy of the 3 activity pages for each student
String, yarn or ribbon cut in 6 inch pieces
Pencil for name on star base back
Markers - not absolutely necessary
Optional - sequins, stick on stars, center bead, or your favorite razzle dazzle stuff.

- Cut out all pieces

On the star point page notice it recommends that you trim off all the evidence of line 3 before you glue. That's so when it is rolled and glued, you don't see the line.

- Put your name on back of star base.

Make all your star points repeating steps 1 to 7.

It may be better to glue the yarn, string or ribbon to the star base FIRST- before making star points, so it has a chance to dry.

Glue star points on with the seam-side up.

On the first star point page notice it recommends that you trim all the print off line 3 before you glue. Line 3 is marked on the paper. That's so when it is rolled and glued, you don't see the line.

Match the star base tip to the star point tip. Glue pretty much over the entire GLUE SPACE lightly.

In the center of the star, you can add a stick-on star, a bead, or leave it as-is.

Allow to dry.

This Christmas Star is is a Microsoft Word document to alleviate printing issues. Click to OPEN or SAVE, whichever you want to do. If you SAVE the document, you will be asked where you want to put the file and what you want to name it. This allows you to print it later if you prefer.

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Be sure your printing margins are set at .5 (1/2 inch)