Chrismons declare the true meaning of Christmas

In the classroom, this wreath uses fewer ornaments and takes less space than a Chrismons tree. This wreath can be used on any exterior door protected by a storm door, or inside the home. It's the Christian alternative to secularly decorated Christmas wreaths.

Chrismons Wreath

Get the Chrismons patterns, instructions and symbolism from our Chrismons Set to understand the meaning, colors and traditions of each ornament. Use this in place of other Christmas wreaths.

For a family or home wreath, purchase any wreath form that suits you.

To make one for Sunday School use, shrink the Chrismons patterns and use the base from our Easy Cut colored Wreath! (shown left)

Wreath decoration is simple. Just use two pieces of yarn instead of the loop in the directions for tree Chrismons.

Grades - Any
Kid's Christmas Craft: Symbols for Jesus