The 12 Apostles Rap

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The 12 Apostles - the first 12 disciples - really it's fun for kids -and adults to learn them!
New Testament
Matthew 10:1, Mark 1: 16-20, Mark 3, Luke 5:1-10, Luke 5: 1-11 and Luke 5: 27-32, Matthew 4: 18-22
3-8 and also useful to High School and adults

Fun and memorable way to learn the names of the original disciples -the 12 Apostles - familiar (contemporary) names or nicknames, proper names and alternative names! Facts worksheet, rhythm memorization activity and detachable review. Background help to know who were the apostles!

It's like a rap!

Do you want to hear something like what it sounds like? Click to listen to this, but I know you can do better than a computer voice!

Copies of the Activity Page 1 for each student

Pencil or pen
Bible (helpful, but not essential)

Print and copy the web activity page

1. Memorize the code! (consider it a litany or a rap )
(It has a nice rhythm! Repeat it several times each class faster and faster ) You can make it like a rap if you want to!
2. Re-read the Disciple Key several times
3. Learn who they were before they became disciples, unusual facts about their names, and/or important roles they had in spreading Christianity.
4. Investigate further if you like!
5. Cut off the review section and see if you can complete it.


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