4 bracelets
Easy, sturdy, fun and timely bracelets. Wear the message of Thanksgiving and write a private word of thanks inside the bracelet!
Thanksgiving Message Bracelets for guys and girls


Simple cutting - and good for not-so-careful cutters.

These are like the popular friendship bracelets.

Easy instructions - pretty much color, cut a rectangle, fold and glue.

Include a personal, secret message of thanks on the inside of the bracelet.

The fruit, vegetables, foods, home, horn of plenty (cornucopia) all symbolize the many gifts from God we get - the blessings from God for what we need. Other blessings from God are shown in the cross, the heart and the peace symbol.

boys wearing bracelets

This is a good Thanksgiving craft for boys and girls. Boys ages 5 through 12 made these easily and enjoyed doinig it.! Printed them on tan paper- the color of footballs. Fruit and vegetable identification and coloring went well (even on colored paper). Nice discussion of God providing so many different things to eat and what they never tasted. They also got to tell what they did not like to eat and what they (were thankful for) liked best.

1 Chronicles 16:34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalms 106:1 Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Thanksgiving Psalms 118:1 --- 100 --- 111--- 30:11 and 12 --- 69:30 --- 70:4 --- 28:7 --- 95:2 --- 106:1 ---147:7

Grade k through 7th grade
For older people, an extension is necessary
Thanksgiving Craft

Copies of the activity page for each student*

Fine line markers or colored pencils
Glue - preferably white glue

a person to help you mark the size of your bracelet.

paper towel Something to wipe away excess glue

*Thin or thick paper is OK


Teachers cut and separate the 3 bracelets on each page. The red line divides them. Each includes general instructions.

Teach a new technique: Coloring in small spaces can be easily achieved by gently stippling or dotting the color in the tiny space rather than continuous line scribbling to fill-in color. This may work well if the tips of your markers are squished and not so pointed any more. This is also an easy way for young children to color in small spaces.

The wider paper that is folded makes a sturdy bracelet.


ID color cut thanks

Separate the bracelets. Give one to each child. Identify the MARKING END and the FINISH END of the bracelets

1. Color the middle part of the bracelet. 2. Write one thing you are grateful to God for in the blank space above the words.
cut all the way folds

3. Cut the rectangle on the heavy line EXCEPT cut the marking end all the way off the paper. This will give you an extra half inch in length.

This is most important for older kids with larger hands.

4. 5. Fold CAREFULLY on the dashed lines.

Teachers please check before gluing.

glue folded flat grasp

6. Press the side with the instructions down flat. Glue the entire length of the space.(the bracelet with the fruit and vegetables has a special place to glue.)

Use scrap to glue on in case of excess glue.

7. Fold the blank side that now has your message over the glued side. Turn it over. Press each fold a few times so the bracelet bends more easily.

Wipe away excess glue.

8a. Begin fitting by grasping the marking end between your thumb and index finger as shown.
mark dab tape

8b. Roll the finish end around your hand, OVER THE KNUCKLE AND THUMB and the marking end. MARK WHERE THE FINSH END ENDS.

Don't pull too tight or you won't get the bracelet on!

9. Put a dab of glue on the BACK of the finish end and overlap the marking end until you are at your mark. Stop, press.(You are making a circle.) 10.On the inside, put a piece of tape over the end to hold it while the glue dries.


Click the button below the bracelet you want

Your choices include Microsoft Word Documents (MS Word) and PDFs


We Thank the Lord Today - all words

thank the Lord today 001

pdf001 PDF

word 001 Word document


We Thank you God - words, fruit and vegetables a symbol of plenty. This bracelet is a little wider than all the others

we thank you God 500

pdf PDF

word Word document



Thank the Lord - words and symbols of autumn, the harvest and plenty.

thank the Lord 200

pdf PDF

word Word document



We Give Thanks - words and symbols to discuss

give thanks 300

pdf PDF

word Word document