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Answers "Where to find specific Bible stories in Genesis" and "What Bible stories are in Genesis" like Adam and Eve
Easy to use list to find the stories in the Bible about the life of Abraham (Abram), Isaac, Jacob (Israel) and Joseph

Jacob Bible stories, Israel Bible Stories and stories about other Bible men and women

Joseph Bible stories, Stories about Joseph the son of Isaac, and other Bible people
(For Stories about Joseph, the step father of Jesus, see the New Testament)

Noah Bible stories, Sarah and Rebekah Bible Stories and stories identifying the tribes of Israel Children's Bible Reference and Bible Story Index: Genesis

Helping children find Bible people, Bible stories, events and information

Teacher note: Some Old Testament more adult stories or parts of stories have been omitted from the list, but some of the remaining Bible stories do contain issues of childbearing, vaguely knowing people in a "Biblical sense", murder, and trickery

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