12 Apostles Poster

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12 Apostles Poster


If you don't "get it", see our rap.

Lively and colorful poster that goes with what might be called our 12 Apostles Rap!

Get our rap rhythm key to give everyone an edge on learning the names of Jesus' first 12 Apostles - his team!

Rhythm learning aid
The first 3 sets are said as letters, then say the word, end with "and" the letter M. You can do better, but do you want to hear it?

Use it in your classroom!

IDEA: To help reinforce the concept, you can have each student dream up their own design for the letters that are the key to the rhythm.

Disciples coloring poster:
There is a version with uncolored letters that will print well in color or black and white if you want to do the letters in your own colors.

Grades: 1 through 8th grade
. New Testament Apostles
. Matthew 10:1, Mark 1: 16-20, Mark 3, Luke 5:1-10, Luke 5: 1-11 and Luke 5: 27-32, Matthew 4: 18-22
instant activity
Copy of the poster or posters

(Unless you want to color the letters - then you need markers)

Download the MS Word Apostles Poster and print in color or black and white

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. CLICK THIS BUTTON TO GO TO THE colored POSTER . CLICK THIS BUTTON TO GO TO THE POSTER WITH UNCOLORED LETTERS - which will work if printed on a color printer or black and white printer.