12 Disciples Craft

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I will make you fisher's of men... the original 12 Disciples fish pattern

Also see the game "Apostles Go fishing" at the end of this page.


Disciple Fish and Jesus Crown


Large, flexible fish patterns to color or already colored fish with disciples names, but also blank fish.

Use as EITHER bulletin board decoration
as class project in learning the 12 apostles.

See our aid for learning the names of the 12 apostles using the rap PJ, PJ, JJ, BATTS and M! Since |Jesus is our friend, we use the familiar names for longer and/or unfamiliar names.

We use the crown for Jesus as king of kings.

One idea for using blank fish is to make one for each student (or have them make their own with their name on it) in the class and put them on the wall swimming towards the Jesus crown. They can be used with or without the fish that have the disciples names on them.

Another idea for the blank fish is to give one to each student and they write a saying of Jesus on it.

For the smallest disciples, cut out the fish, get water-based paint and spead it thinly in a paper plate. Press a small hand in the paint and then on the fish. Clean the hand. Let dry

GO to the end of the page if you have time for the Apostle fishing game.

Grades: p4-8 (game for grade 1-7)
. New Testament Apostles - fish symbol, following Jesus
. Matthew 10:1, Mark 1: 16-20, Mark 3, Luke 5:1-10, Luke 5: 1-11 and Luke 5: 27-32, Matthew 4: 18-22
instant activity
Copy of the set of fish you want
(Colors, if you chose the version to color)

(and staples or tacks if you are using it as bulletin board decoration)

Download and print outline fish shapes in color or black and white.
Pre-colored fish are best printed in color.

Click the button for what you want!

 Jesus Crown and             Fish to color in
            MS WORD

Colored crown
            and fish in
            MS WORD

Blank fish to            color in
            MS WORD
Jesus Crown and            Fish to color as
Colored crown
            and fish as
Blank fish to            color as PDF


Apostles Go Fishing: "I will make you fishers of men"

Print the fish and cut out as above.

You will need paperclips,
(small paperclips are more a challenge, while large ones make it easy)
string (not thread),
and a stick, broom handle or bare tree branch;
and a few boxes or a chair

Cut at least 30 inches of string to tie on the stick or pole.
Open the paperclip to make a fish hook with a loop. Be sure the hook is open far enough to get to the punched hole.


Put a piece of tape in the "nose area or eye " of the fish. (Guess or approximate). Punch a hole in the "nose" or eye of each fish.

Lay the bodies of all the fish on the boxes or chair seat with the heads hanging over the edge. Overlap the tails a tad for older kids. If you use like shoeboxes, put them on the floor.

Now go fishing. Stand in front of the fish with the pole. try to hook a fish off the box or chair. Remove caught fish to a pile. DO NOT make any other fish fall off or you loose your turn and no fish caught in this turn count!

Write down the color and names of the fish you caught in one minute (or whatever time the teacher designated). Put the fish back for the next person.

On your next one-minute turn, try to catch different fish than you caught the other tries.

If no one can catch any fish, make the hole larger and bend the hook open a tad more. Clue to all: look through the hole to see the hook as you move it.

fishing for apostles

The object is to try and catch all 12 in the time span of the game with turns one-minute or 2 minutes long (time set by teacher)

When game is over, ask each student who they caught and who they missed catching. Who caught the most? Reaffirm who did they catch?

This is a good review of the names of the 12 apostles.


This is part of our New Testament Bible activities and Crafts for kids and may be used for several purposes as a Sunday school Fish pattern.