Lent Paper Pretzel Craft

Activity Description:

One of the associations with the pretzel is to remember to pray. Awesome Lent activity that your students will love! The Craft comes in black & white or colored.

The Lent Pretzel

Grade Level Span: Grades: 3 -6

Category: Lent craft

Materials: Copy of activity page for each student, Glue or glue stick, Scissors

Preparation: Print enough copies. Make a sample before class.

1. Cut out both right and left strips then put your name on the back edge anywhere. Fold the lower left corner of the paper diagonally until the bottom of the paper meets the right side of the paper.

2. Join and glue the strips

3. (First folds)Fold as shown for both right and left sides. Hide the fold line in the crease.

4. (Second folds) Flip it all over. Fold both right and left sides (hiding the fold line) then flip it back. (End of this step shown)

5. Fold down both ends.(Hide the fold line) You could stop here, but you will make a better pretzel if you continue.

6. The pretzel twist. Fold on the last set of dashed lines. BUT THIS TIME LEAVE IT SO YOU SEE THE DASHES.

7. Crossover the pieces and gently tug and twist until they move into place as shown below.

8. Glue or tape to hold

9. Trim the tails - a curved cut is best.....but any will do