Legend Of The Pretzel

Activity Description:

Yes, the pretzel really does relate to Lent - and prayer! No, it isn't in the Bible, but neither is Lent. Yes it goes all the way back to the early church - at least 600AD or possilby even to 300AD! It's about tradition, and prayer and it's a marvelous tool to capture children's interest. The Word download document includes the story which you can read aloud to the class, questions, and more.

Grade Level Span: Grades: K-3

Category: Lent

Bible Reference - None Specific

Materials: Copy of this page, twisted pretzels (optional)

If you bring twisted pretzels, put them in a bowl in the center of the table but do not pass them out until after the story. Do encourage children to look at them. Alternately, you can find our paper pretzel activity in our Lent section soon. At the end of the story, Make pretzel prayer arms and say the prayer. If this sounds cryptic, it should be clear after you have read the legend o f the pretzel. What makes it a legend? Not a lot of real proof, however, in the Vatican archives- the seat of the Catholic church - they seem to have a document from the early church that speaks of the pretzel!