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creation day


The Sunday School Kids created the Animation This is the day the Lord has made!

This great little animation was made in 2005 by a small Sunday School Class for the web site. Each student colored the words in designated colors.

On every craft or activity instruction page, the buttons used to get to the actual craft or activity to print was made by our Sunday School Kids too out of torn colored paper. I then made them dimensional for use on the site.

creation gameAlmost all of the Creation Game art was made by Sunday School Children including this wonderful glitter glob.They helped with questions, answers, clues and resulting yes or no affirmations.

In earlier games, the kids created all the questions, all the answer possibilities and the art.


A Brief History of the development of the Sunday School Kids web site.

I was a pioneer in the professional web development field for businesses and the travel industry, and a Director of Christian education for much of the same time. As Director of Christian Education, the concept of a fun and educational web site by kids and for kids seemed to be in my destiny.

In 1995, I created probably one of the first Sunday School Web sites on the internet. We had an interactive Jesus Challenge Game to share Christian learning with other children. It also included actual 3D images you could view with the old red and green glasses.
In 1996, it was submitted to the United Church of Christ, and though they were kind, they didn't know how to utilize it.
Many wonderful emails poured in from all over the country letting me know how much people appreciated this new way to spread the Word to kids.

In 1997, got an email from Jim & Mindy who shared that they had a friend in Japan who they personally knew used my web site with his (Christian mission) class" to learn English and spread the Word."

In 1998, The New York Times became interested in developments in religious education and sited my web site as one of three of particular interest with unique content.

This same year I got a wonderful message from Alyssa and Mitch telling me they heard my web site discussed on the Christian radio station WFRN in indiana.

The version you see today has evolved and changed over the years and I am sure it will continue to do so. The site has always been free for use by others for Christian education, and fortunately, there has been little abuse. Having written curriculum for 15 years, it is a joy for me to create the companion crafts and interactive learning games to keep kids thinking about their faith and Christianity.

Before the internet project, I am sure I produced the first Apple Hypercard Sunday School Kids animated learning game with sounds and actions. We shared one computer for every 3 kid teams to get the right answer or get zonked.They loved it!

in faith,

Jo Dibbern


Faith Kids Sunday School Bible Bytes: Kids Sunday School crafts and Bible crafts for kids:
A labor of love bringing kids to Christ.

from the Sunday School Director of Christian Education of Faith Congregational Church, Mount Prospect, Illinois

©Jo Dibbern


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