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Christian education: Kids Bible Study, Kid's Bible Activities , Learning about the Bible and being a Christian

Kid's Bible activities to add to your Children's Ministry about the Bible, being a Christian and Christian symbols

Kid's Bible activities

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Bible books:
Old Testament
Fun Memorization Aid - easy to learn, small sequential groups of names of the books Gr 2 to adult

Bible books:
New Testament
Roll out the fun learning small sequential groups of names of the books of the New Testament
Instructions and inks to our new game cube - review the groups. Hints for what's in each group.
Gr 2 to adult

The Protestant Cross is the empty Cross or Resurrection cross
(From our Easter section)

Make a personal standup cross- the ultimate Christain symbol. Gr(1) 2-7

Jesus Symbols: Signs of Jesus
Jesus Symbols

Christian Symbols- Symbols for Christ worksheet

(From our Easter section)

Colorful symbols of Jesus ministry, message, purpose, birth, life, death and resurrection. Similar but different from Chrismons. Grade 3-8

Christian Symbols- Symbols for Jesus

(From our Christmas section)

Though traditionally Chrismons are thought of as Christmas symbols, they can be used as Easter ornaments too. These Chrismon patterns can be a teaching tool for any season. Comes with explanation of each Chrismon. Some people refer to these as Christmons - a name variation.

See other christian symbols in our Christmas Activities and Crafts section.

Pattern options from preschool to adult

Old Testament:

This one book is crammed full of famous stories - but how do you find them? Use our Bible story finder!

Find Bible people. Find Bible stories. Easily! Bibles sometimes have few clues to finding stories within the books and you have to be a detective! I've helped to solve the problem for you with the Kid's Bible Story Finder Volume 1. Have each child keep their copy handy during your Old Testament studies. Use it with whatever version of the Bible you use.You can also use it to learn what's in Genesis! 2-8

Genesis 1 & 2,
Luke 12:28 God provides
God is the source of everything we have. 3-8

Genesis: Try our Interactive
computer creation game!
Think and learn while having a blast! Minimum grade 2 to adult!

Being a Christian Talk about the basic signs (symbols) of following Jesus!
Includes discussion about being a Christian.
Toddler 2-Kindergarten

Golden Rule Ruler
Golden Rule Ruler
How to be a Christian:

Follow the Golden Rule.

Print actual size 6 inch ruler to write in the words of the Golden Rule. Printable Bible text and study help to find the Golden Rule!

Grades 2-8

Be Kind

be kind

Kids learn to be a Christian: Using both Ephesians and the Golden Rule worksheet to discuss to understand kindness
- get an e-ticket which is a pun on "etiquette"
Grades 2-8


Sunday School Materials
Sunday School ActivitiesThe Instant Activity tag means all you need is the printed activity sheet and some or all standard supplies (as shown below) and you are ready to go.

Plan AheadThe Plan Ahead tag means you may need an additional item or to prepare something in advance of the class.


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