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These are kids lessons, crafts and activities that have to do with prayer. Though they have been created for kids, there is a lot that adults may find helpful or interesting. Make your selection from this kids prayer crafts and activities menu.

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Learn a new, easy -to-remember prayer

Faster than a 4G network! Learn the 6G Prayer.

Hits many of the essentials a good prayer should. Learn by remembering the easy 6 G words in the simplest form possible.

Grade 1and 2 with vocabulary help

Grade3 through adult

Lord's Prayer Learning activity - A real Prayer Chain!

Simple as an old paper Christmas chain, but helpful in learning the phrases of your version of the Lord's Prayer.

Grade 2 thru adult

Lord's Prayer learning tool.

Individual student size or bulletin board size.

This was a monumental task with 16 versions or variations. One likely to suit your religion.

This Fold-up Revealer, discloses the meaning of the prayer phrase-by-phrase.

Any prayer is of little use if it has no meaning. Let's help our children understand the Lord's Prayer.

When folded tightly, you only see the prayer. But lift the flap and it reveals either our meaning of each phrase or your meaning of each phrase.


Gr 2 through adult
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We want to provide our crafts and activities in the most useful method for you.Let us know if you prefer our crafts and activities as web pages, PDFs or Word Documents!




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