Ministers and Ministry

We pondered how such a small church could have a minister. We pondered how such a small church could expand its horizons with fresh Biblical perspectives. We pondered how such a small church could help ministers.

The answers came to us.

Faith Church has drawn its ministers from, transitional ministers, seminary students, missionaries and ministers in special fields. The Lord has provided Faith with many ministers from around the world including the Ukrane, Sierra Leone, India, and Viet Nam and closer to home: Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, and the Pacific Garden Mission just to name a few.

We have learned about Christianity in action in the world first hand from people who have been there and experienced it. We have helped launch the careers of budding ministers, and provided a place for ministers between callings. How great the experiences have been! Many of our ministers keep in contact, and consider us as friends.

Depending on the number of ministers we have currently available, and the minister's schedule, we rotate who delivers the Sunday message. If no minister is available, we have a do-it-yourself service!

Faith Congregational Church
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We enjoy a visiting angel.

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Faith Congregational Church
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Our Friends in Faith

Rich Strahm, through his Equippers Network, teaches people in the Ukrane to be ministers. He and his wife Cheri have relocated to the Carolinas where Rich is also teaching in a Christian College.

Rev. Janet Boyd, one of our earliest ministers, finished her seminary work while with us and was ordained. She now has her own congregation in a small church in Indiana

Rev. Don Conley has served us for many years as a theological student and recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute and has been ordained. He is on a regular preaching rotation with us. Don has opened up for us new aspects of Christian worship and a fresh perspective on Bible application.

Rev. Phil Kwiatkowski works with the Pacific Garden Mission during the week and has visited with us on several Sundays, including working with us to bring the Pacific Garden mission Choir to sing at our seniors' service Oakton Arms.

Rev. Dan Tran came with his wonderful family. He is a missionary from Viet Nam and is one of the many people who gave us a world perspective.

Worship Road Trips

At anytime of year, but usually in the summer, we have "road trip worship". As a group, we visit other churches, or plan worship in unique locations. These trips to other churches broaden our understanding of alternative worship and worship music today. We have seen and learned the difference between worship with active and passive participation by the congregation. One of the great statements heard of worship services was, "It's not a spectator sport!"

Rev.Billygraham Dammala had been a part-time professor at Moody Bible Institute. He is currently praying for a ministry or call to teaching in Texas to be with his family.He is in our regular rotation for preaching. Billy is a wonderful example to us and continually encourages us in new ways to be faithful servants.

Rev. Raymond Attawila
(M.A, B. Th) is and has been a missionary and minister in Sierra Leone, West Africa. From 1986 to the present, he has been steadily involved in Christian development in West Africa. He had visited with us several times while extending his education at Wheaton College.