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Creation Questions and Answer Choices
Day 1

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1. What did God create on the first day?

The sky and heaven
A calendar so He could tell what day it was
He made the stuff the earth was going to be made of, heaven, light and dark, the wind and wild water - which was everywhere
The planets


2. Where in the Bible is the creation story?
Most of it is in Genesis chapter 1
All of it is in Genesis chapter 1
The beginning of the New Testament
Creation Book 1


3. By our clocks, how long do you think God's first day was?
8 seconds
We don't know for sure
4 billion years
24 hours


4. When people "create" things, how is that different from how God "created" things?
It's the same.
Only God can really create - make something from nothing. We make other things out of what God gave us - it's not really creating like God did.
We create computers, cellphones, and lots of stuff that God didn't make.
I don't know



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