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Great things for children to do and learn.

We provide resources sunday school teachers, home schoolers, and Christian Children's ministries including after school programs, and Vacation Adventure programs AROUND THE WORLD!

Christian education Support material: After many years of serving children in the large church environment as Director of Christian Education, I decided to continue my ministry to reach teachers, parents and children with unique Christian crafts and teaching help. The great-hearted volunteer sunday school teachers were often looking for something different than coloring pages (which have their place too) ; something that truly supported the lesson in meaningful ways; something the children would feel satisfaction from completing, and something that could inspire the children's understanding. This led to creating thousands of sunday school crafts and activities, covering the old testament and new testament, as well as the Bible and life in the church. You'll also find things to use for your classroom, like mini posters, blank trees, name identification tools, the liturgical seasons wheel. As time permits, many of these sunday school crafts and activities are being updated and prepared for access on the web.

Most of the children's ministry resources, the crafts and activities are made from simply copying the pages offered here and using scissor, glue and markers, with surprising results. All the children's crafts and activities have been actually made -including all the 3 dimensional ones. They will work when you have the children follow the step-by-step instructions.In my life outside the church environment, I am a graphic artist.

Children's Ministry aids: Many of the activities and crafts offer teachers talking points or class discussions to reinforce the concepts of the Bible lessons. Some include questions to ask the children to get them thinking.

Bible lesson support: Whether you are a parent, sunday school teacher, children's minister, Director of Christian Education, Sunday School Superintendent, run an after school program or summer Bible School, or are involved in any other Christian Children's Ministry, you are welcome to use everything in this site to encourage faith and understanding in children.

World-wide teacher helper: Because this site provides good, detailed instructions in pictures it is fast growing around the world. The Pictures overcome many language issues.(and the pictures help teachers who are not naturally comfortable doing crafts.)Locations with a computer but only limited supplies like paper, colors and glue can have lots of creative and interesting choices to support their lesson for the day. Because we provide the Biblical reference, it adds specific support and reinforcement.

Find by Topic or Character: see our continuously growing list of stuff in the site to find a different way to find what you need.

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Faith Outreach 2015

Faith Church and shares with you that we have provided children's pictorial Bibles and other picture books to a Christian ministry in Jinja Uganda, East Africa, July, 2015. This ministry downloads our activities and crafts for their children.

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Write to me when you've tried a craft or activity and let me know the results as I'll be posting a comments page. Include permission to show your name or initials and your church name and your city and state. Or let me know if you have an upcoming topic for which you want something new to do. Each craft takes between 8 and 16 hours to prepare for the site, and I do these as I can. I will consider moving topics needed up in the queue. Watch for new additions to the site regularly.

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