Meet the 12 Apostles - Who are these guys?
One Dozen Disciples
- the great followers of Jesus

Go back
to the very

Roll your cursor over the letters to see who they are:

Say the letters,
then the names

Apostles Peter and Judas


Apostles Philip and John
Do it over again
until you remember who they are

Apostles James and James
Click the camel
to go ahead
apostles Bart,Andy,Ted,Tom and Simon
Do it over again so you remember
Apostle Matthew

Kids On-line bible Game from Faith Church, Mt. Prospect, Illinois: Sunday School Kids home
©Jo Dibbern - Free Children's Sunday School Curriculum help for learning the twelve Apostles, 12 Apostles, one dozen disciples,or the first followers of Jesus on-line learning game. This game uses nicknames for the Apostles initially, and later will show the full names of the apostles. The order the apostles names appear in the game allows for learning, but does not reflect the order in which they were chosen by Jesus.
Interactive Bible Learning game : Learning the names of the 12 Apostles