Kids Sunday School Christmas Song

Teacher and Kids Instructions

Connects kids words to help remembering the wonders of the first Christmas. Goes with the traditional tune.

Sunday School kids 12 Days of Christmas Song



Our version of the song, brings many of characters and highlights of the Christmas events and people to the children.

In addition to the full song, I have provided a chart (see left) that shows what the words are for each day .For some, I show what they mean -or how they relate to the story. For some, I give help with the music, and I provide additional help for singing variations at the bottom.

For discussion tips see below.

Advent and/or Christmas

Copies of the activity page for each student

Music for the 12 Days tune (not provided)

This is a great idea for a Children's Christmas program!



baby swaddled


Sing a new old song!

This is the chart to help teachers understand and explain the song.

For older children you can ask instead of tell....for instance ask the class what could it mean for seven scents a smelling?

What are the 12 days of Christmas? It is commonly thought that is the time it took the wise men, once they saw the star, to get to the baby Jesus. In some churches or homes, people observe a twelfth Night celebration.


What is a vial? it is a tiny bottle-like thing used mostly in scientific or medical work, but was also a small container in olden days for tiny amounts of fluids - perfumes, medicines, poisons, smelling salts. In pirate days and earlier, they were called "falcons"

What is swaddling cloth? It is strips of cloth used to wrap newborn babies in. It keeps them snug in a big world. Maybe it helped them get used to being in the world.

Check out our lyrics (words) in the summary below:


Make your own video (MP4 or MOV quicktime movie) of your kids singing our version of the 12 Days of Christmas
then Email us with it and I will post it on our web site!

Use your phone or whatever and record you kids singing our version of the song! See choices on left. Email it to me using the link on the left, or send me a CD to Faith Kids 1421 Oakwood Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois 60016.

I will put it on the site and post it on the web! Send me a note with permission to use the video and sign the note. Identify the church, school or group that these children (or adults) are a part of, and the city and state you are located in.

No video? Send us an audio file and we'll post it on this site.

SUMMARY of song parts, meanings and singing suggestions:


Sing, sing, sing and discuss.

Practice the line with a

bay-beee in a stable


Feel free to substitute the word "stable" to "manger" whichever you find easiest.

This is provided as a PDF to minimize printing issues. Click the button to begin download.

4 pages

4 page PDF summary and lyrics

words only

words only PDF lyrics only



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