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Are angels boys or girls? No one really knows for sure . Some have boy's names like Michael. Some have names that could be girls or boys like Gabriel*.

Fancy Loop Angel


The angel visited Mary in ADVENT, so it is a great Advent craft!

This really fancy angel is surprisingly easy to make. There are two main parts to cut out and several narrow stips of paper.

You really don't have to color it! just add a face.

Most of the Biblical Angels have names that are not familiar to us except the angel that visited Mary and told her she was going to have a baby.

* Investigate theological angel's names at Wikipedia so if your class doesn't want to name their anagel Gabriel, there are plenty of others to choose from.

There are heavy cutting outlines for younger kids and finer outlines for older kids.

If you want to add razzle-dazzle, you can substitute ribbon for the strips of paper. If you use curling ribbon, each piece should be 14" long as it will shorten as it curls up. If you want to use other ribbon, 11 to 12 inch pieces should do. Another idea is to add white glitter to the angel body when you are done.

Advent and/or Christmas Luke 1:26

Copies of the 3 pages for each student

White Glue or tacky glue
Pencils or fine line markers
check 1 Yarn
check 1 Tape
check 1 Optional: lots of ribbon (see activity information above)
check 1 Optional: White glitter
check 1 Ruler to cut yarn or ribbon
check 1 Get the Bible story where the angel talks to Mary.

This is easy on the teacher! Be sure to tell the children about cutting the front and back as one piece AND cutting around the hand, skipping the thumb, first and then going back and cutting out the thumb. The will alleviate accidental ripping.

ASK: List 5 things the angel said to Mary from the Bible story.


cut body thumbs make a face
strips wings glue star
match star turn over tape
dot glue strip strip to body glue again
loop Repeat
layers glue hands
fold done
back side Done

These are provided as PDFs and Word documents to minimize printing issues.
Click the BUTTON below the version you want.

Choose between heavy outlines for younger kids and finer outlines for older kids. They are otherwise both the same.

Heavy outlines


Finer outlines


get pdf PDF Thick line get pdf PDF Fine line
get word Word thick line get word Word fine line


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