Simply great Kid's Christmas ornaments to make from Sunday School Kids Bible Bytes

Christmas holiday craft instructions and patterns

Easy, full color, double-sided paper Christmas ornaments for kids to make now in new sizes

Simple Double-Sided Christmas Ornaments for kids

More New Choices this year!

These are so easy to make you can have them on hand for filling out a little time on any Sunday in Advent.

Great looking simple ornaments for kids to color!

Make one a Sunday or several on one Sunday -it's flexible and that easy.

FOR OLDER KIDS, PRINT ONE AND SHRINK IT - then make copies - Or shrink it using your browser or printer's capabilities.

Preschool through 6th grade


see our page on glittering


Copies for each student

Markers or some colors if using uncolored
Yarn or heavy string (not thread)
Paper punch - but not absolutely necessary
option: Glitter or glitz of any kind

Super simple creative Christmas ornaments for kids to color and cut.

1. Cut out the double circle shape as one piece.

2. Color the double circles (at each end) the same or different!

3. Put glue on the back of one of the circles

NOTE- If you do not have a paper punch, lay the middle of a 7inch piece of yarn across the back side of the fold line. Dot yarn with glue.

4. Fold on the dashed line in the middle, matching the circles back-to-back

If you laid the yarn over the dash fold, you will have made a sandwich out of the ornament with the yarn hanging out. Pair off the kids and have one child put 3 fingers on the dashed fold while the other child gently ties the yarn over the fingers, creating a loop. If you have a paper punch, skip this for now.

5. Get a paper punch and punch the little hole

6.If you punched hole: Tie yarn loosely through hole. or you might tie yarn or string around a pencil or use the finger method above, and through the hole so it isn't tight.Then just pull the pencil or fingers out.

7.Option: Add glitter or glitz to one side and let dry.


Remember any circle, at Christmas especially, is a reminder of GOD - who has no beginning nor end.

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Circles in circles






Merry Christmas













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Creative, Simplest paper Christmas ornaments for kids

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