Kids Sunday School Christmas Craft: Message angels to color and cut - a standup activity

Teacher and Kids Sunday School Coloring Instructions

Easy angel with 4 great choices for kids kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Easiest coloring, easiest cutting, with super results....

Standup Message Angels

Make just one angel or a heavenly host of angels!

Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.(Luke 2:10)

3 angels with messages - peace-love-hope, one with a blank sign for you to add a word! (Joy, for example (see Bible reference under picture at left), or a first name)

These are the angels that bring glad tidings to all at Christmas.

- Or if you make the blank sign angel, it can be Gabriel with the message for Mary.....(write "Jesus" on the sign or "Baby")



ALSO GOOD FOR THE END GAP IN CLASSES IN Advent -- grow your collection of angels.

This angel is perfect for a desk, table or countertop.

Is it a boy or girl angel? It's your call! Designed to be either. Angels are thought to be genderless, but no one knows for sure.

K - 3
Advent and/or Christmas

Copies of the activity page for each student

Markers or crayons

1.Instructions are printed on the download page.

2. Cut out a sample so the children can see where to cut.

1. Color then cut out angel as one piece. (Put your name on the back). |If you have chosen the blank sign, put your word or name on it now.

2. Fold on the 5 dashed lines

3. Glue on the 2 tabs as shown.


5 Stand it up. You're done!

The perfect angel to make with little kids or impatient kids.

These are all provided as Microsoft Word Documents to minimize printing issues. You will be asked if you prefer to open or save the file. The choice is yours. (You can always save it after you open it as another option.) Each angel is a separatae download - the angel of peace, the angel of hope, the angel of love and the angel with a sign for you to complete.

Peace Angel

Love Angel

Hope Angel

Blank Sign Angel


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