Kids Christmas Activity Book - Free Christmas Activity Christmas story lesson book

Kids Christmas Activity Book

Individual activity to do a little at a time during Advent or Class project for a Sunday.
Create individual take home books or do as a class project to put up on a wall or bulletin board to share with everyone.

all nativity book pages

Write the Christmas Story Your Way

Christmas story cover photo

1. Individual or
2. Group Activity or
3. Teacher room decoration


Word or Web versions




My dear friend Marcy taught me how to make my first cloth mache figure. Each hand made nativity character stands about 18 inches tall and I used them for many years to tell the Christmas story at children's Christmas eve worship services.

This full color nativity photo book has Bible lookups on each page.The pages are sequentially numbered. You can use this activity to learn the Christmas Story or as a Christmas story lesson review. It works for both uses.

Be sure to check the references for page 6 (notice the empty manger) and 8 (see the star and the guys have not arrived yet)!

1. This Christmas activity can be used individually for each student to complete 2 or 3 pages each Sunday in Advent (depending on when you start). If all your students do not attend every Sunday, be sure to mail home any remaining book before Christmas with a warm and friendly greeting.

2. This can serve as a group activity even if your class is greater or smaller than 10 kids. Have a competition between 2 groups. Use 2 sets of stories or more. But be sure to put all completed sets on a wall or bulletin board. (make sure they are correct). Ideally it would be one page to a student, but that rarely happens. The kids can handle more than one page each, but a minimum of 5 kids to a max of 10 kids per set is best. Teams can easily be 6, 8, 9 or any number between the min and max. Layout all the pages for all the kids to see first. If you want to discuss what part of the story goes with what image before actually writing, it will again reinforce their knowledge.

The objective is to write the events pictured in their own words - NOT COPYING FROM THE BIBLE. This helps to assure that the student under stood what happened. It also helps convey the idea and understanding to other people.

3. Teachers can print and put up as room decoration in any grade room. Teacher can complete the story if desired, for younger children - ask them about each picture when you are together, and write it in for them when they get it right! Then put it on the wall or bulletin board.

Grade 2 through 6th grade do-it-yourself, or for P3 - Gr 1 see #3 above

Copies of all of the activity pages for each student or a set for each group

Markers or crayons or colored pencils

1. On the printed page, first identify the characters you see.

2. Lookup or discuss what is happening in the story.

3. Write what is happening in the story on the page in your own words.

There are 11 full color nativity scene pages in this activity book.

all nativity book pages

Write the Christmas Story Your Way
         MS Word 11 page document
         Color Printer is best, but works ok on a black
         and white printer too.

Note: No summary or conclusion page in this set, but you can print the single web page below


Get Individual Christmas story web pages:

nativity complete angel and Mary Joseph and angel decree
Cover 2 Angel and Mary 3 Joseph and angel 4 the decree
Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem Joseph and Mary check out  the stable the wise men set out to follow the star
5 To Bethlehem 6 Looking for a place to stay 7 The newborn baby 8 Follow the star
Shepherds get the news from the angels shepherds go to see the baby Jesus wise men bring gifts to baby jesus summary
9 Angels and shepherds 10 Shepherds and Jesus 11 Wise men bring gifts Optional Summary or conclusion page



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Free kids Christmas Activity book or Christmas story lesson book.

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