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Where does the Poinsettia come from? Why do we decorate with Pointsettias at Christmas?

Pointsettia or Poinsettia Information for Kids

There's a famous little story of the Poinsettia or Pointsettia!

Fun Facts about the Christmas Flower:
The correct way to spell this Christmas flower is Poinsettia but a popular alternative is Pointsettia

It's the flower that isn't a flower!

It is "Flores de Noche Buena" In Spanish which means the flowers of the good night or the flowers of the holy night - when Jesus was born.

The poinsettia grows wild in Mexico
- like a weed.

Notice the top layer of "petals" are smaller than the next layer.

New Testament - Related to the Christmas Story, but not in the Bible.

About the Pointsettia or Poinsettia

From this information, can you guess where this Christmas Flower got it's american name?

Quick Links to some of our poinsettia crafts and activities

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