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Sunday School activity Instructions for date specific wheel of sacred seasons and days

Teacher Information and Instructions for individual seasons of the church liturgical wheels.


Individual Kids Seasons of the Church wheel
small Liturgical Seasons Wheel
Sacred Seasons and Days in the Life of the Church
New Testament
Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts
Grades 1-8

This is a small, date specific Liturgical wheel for the seasons of the church - like a church seasons calendar for use by your students. The colors used generally tie into the liturgical colors for most denominations.
A wheel is typically used to recognize one season flows into another in an endless circle, and a circle often represents God.

You may use our calendar/table of the dates, but please check with your minister, Sunday School Superintendent, or Director of Christian Education for the specific dates used in your church for this year, or next year* and any variation in the names of the seasons or days you may use. Easter vs. Resurrection Sunday is one example of the same concept with 2 different names. Many of the dates change from year to year. Some churches begin the Christmastide season on Christmas Day, while others include Christmas Eve.

Children are more apt to understand the church calendar when you show them actual dates, rather than being ambiguous.

For discussion tips and MORE information see our large Liturgical Wheel Poster.

The objective is to work with the class and have them write in the dates. In the center of the wheel you could have the students add special days your church celebrates within a season. See how it's done in the poster.

Copies activity Page for each student
Scissors Optional

Print enough copies directly from the web page or print and color copy activity page (It will print fine in black and white, but may get muddy using a black and white copier)

Unlike our large poster, this is one complete wheel.


1. See church seasons wheels poster for your room This has more complete instructions. You may appreciate going there and then coming back to this page to get this smaller wheel.

2. Teacher information: specific date church calendars to get the dates for your wheels, and understanding the church year: how the dates are determined.

1. In the blank spaces on the wheel, write in the dates of your church seasons and the special days for the next 12 months.

2. In the center of the wheel, below the appropriate season, write in any special days your church celebrates.

3. Optional: Cut out the circle.

4. Put your name on the back of the circle.


Discuss with class
- Find what church season you are in, and what is the next church season?
- Pentecost is sometimes called the birth or birthday of the church.
- Advent means waiting and preparing for the joy of Christmas - the birth of Jesus.
- Lent is a time of preparing your heart for the sadness surrounding the betrayal, trial and death of Jesus. Remembering that Jesus had to go through all this just to save us. And remembering that we should be better Christians. You may include under this season, Maundy Thursday (the last supper) , and Good Friday (the cross), if your church honors these special days.
- Eastertide, or Eastertime, is the time of the joy of the resurrection. He is risen. He is risen indeed! You might include under this season the time when Jesus goes right up to heaven (Ascension) if your church honors this day.

See more information on our Liturgical Seasons poster page


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