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Teacher Information and Instructions for stand up Thanksgiving turkey

Stand up Turkey - We Thank God
New Testament
1Ch 16:8. 1Ch 16:34, Psalms 7:17, Psalms 106:1, Psalms 107
*Grades P3-K if teacher pre-cuts,
Grades 1-4+ do-it-themselves
Thanksgiving table center decoration to show thankfulness throughout the meal. This is an easy craft

Copies of the both activity Pages for each student
Clear tape
(use as heavyweight copy or printing paper as you can, but normal weight paper will work too.)
Alternate: also 1 piece of brown construction paper

Copy or print both activity pages for every child. If you have heavier copy or printing paper, it will
If using in preschool, precut the pieces for the children.

1. Cut out both pages of the turkey - all 4 pieces- - the profile, the tail and the 2 reinforcing feet that strengthen it for standing.
2. Test putting the tail in the body slot. If the feather tips do not reach the tabletop, cut the slit in the tail 1/4 inch longer. IT MAY BE FLOPPY, don't worry. Gently take apart.
3. Use marker for coloring and decoration on all the pieces
- Color BOTH SIDES of the turkey profile first to give it a little more time to dry if the markers make the paper wet**. (For this reason, heavier paper would be best) . Color the Fan tail and drumsticks with a red or pink foot.
4. Put the turkey fan tail in the turkey profile. IT MAY STILL BE FLOPPY, don't worry. Align the bottom bases of both pieces. The base stand (where the feet should be) and the tips of the feathers on both pieces should touch the tabletop.)
5. Lay down the turkey so it collapses flat so you see the profile and half the tail. (Image below)
6. Choose the turkey drumstick and foot that matches this side.Fold the turkey drumstick and foot on the dotted line. Use the fold as guide. Glue and lay it on the turkey matching the foot part to the profile base. Lay the fold along where the two pieces meet. Flatten (Unfold) the drumstick and foot, so it binds the profile to the fan tail and makes a sturdy base.
7. Flop the turkey completely over so you see the other side of the profile and the other half of the decorated tail. The turkey foot you have left should match this side. ALIGN the foot part with the base.Fold the turkey drumstick and foot on the dotted line. Glue it on the turkey matching the profile base and laying the fold along where the two pieces meet.
8. IF MORE STABILIZING IS NEEDED: Use 1/2 inch of tape in 4 places: While still laying on the table, to further stabilize the turkey, apply a very, very small piece of clear tape where shown in the photo below. This stabilizes the front of the slit in the profile.
8b. Pick it up and flip over the tail so you see the back side of the fan tail and behind end of the turkey profile where the slit is. Tape the backside of the fan tail to the body profile at the top of the slit. REPEAT on the other side of the turkey.

**ALTERNATE: After cutting out the turkey profile, retrace it on brown construction paper and cut it out. Draw in the eye and wattle (red hanging)

        Get the  2 pages for each student

The middle turkey shows where to put the first piece of clear tape (8)




For instruction 5,6,7,8.





Know your turkey parts (you will be leaving this site)

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