Kids Sunday School Thanksgiving Crafts: Stand up Pilgrim to color and cut with Indian to color and cut.

Teacher lesson points and Kids Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity Instructions

Role People/ Roll People

Stand up Pilgrim and Indian to make
with or without a cardboard TP roll.

Teacher Thanksgiving information, ideas and questions!


Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Indians, The Beadle and The Box


YOU CAN USE 1 TP ROLL - Just Wrap it in either wax paper or plastic wrap. Don't wrap indian or pilgrim too tightly over it! Tape over outside seam of pilgrim or indian to be sure, then slide tube and covering out.

Learn about the people of the First Thanksgiving

Our United States Thanksgiving holiday is not directly in the Bible, however, many verses of Thanks and Thanksgiving to God are in the Bible.

The Pilgrims came to America looking for freedom to worship God. (To worship as they chose fit)

One of the earliest accounts of a special day of "Thanksgiving to Almighty God" show it to be by a small group of Englishmen on the banks of the James River at Berkley, Virginia on December 4, 1619. The Pilgrims most famous Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth, Massachusetts, was held in the fall of 1621.

"The Pilgrims invited the friendly indians to the celebration: and to their surprise, Massasoit and "some ninety" Wampanoags (indians) came from Sowams (now Barrington, Rhode Island). They remained for several days "joining with their hosts in feasting ...and good fellowship." (Old Colony of New Plymouth, Samuel Morrison)

What happened at the end of the Thanksgiving celebration? "The people stood as the Minister departed." The "Beadle" took the Bible from the pulpit and led the Minister out. He replaced the book in the box!"

According to Webster, a Beadle is a minor parish (church) official whose duties include ushering and preserving order at (church) services.

Our Pilgrim is a Beadle! He has the Bible!

Some say that these pitiful European strangers would not have survived their first several years in "New England" were it not for the aid of Wampanoag people's generosity and knowledge for how to withstand the weather.

Project info: the wide people bodies will change their appearance once rolled on the tube or just rolled. You will be viewing the person on all sides. The Indian is wearing an Indian blanket on his back and the Pilgrim is wearing a cape!

It is a good idea to make a sample one to show the class the completed Pilgrim and indian.

Old Testament Psalms 69:30, Psalms 95:2, Psalms 100:4

Except for the hat brim, preschool 4 and K can do the pre-colored version. They would need help with the hat brim.

Perfect Thanksgiving craft - activity for grades 1-4!

Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity, Pilgrims and Indians

Copies of the activity pages for each student
- Choose MS Word document with Pilgrim and Indian to color, or already colored.

Markers or crayons
Tape (just in case)

OPTIONAL -for easier completion by younger children
but usually not necessary for grades 1-4

TP tubes

Discussion points after you have shared Activity Information (above) section with grades 1-4. Information to learn and talk over while making this Thanksgiving craft.

What book is the Pilgrim carrying? (Bible)

What job does he have? (Beadle)

Why does he have corn? (Generally believed Indians introduced corn to Pilgrims though the point is they (Pilgrims) shared food with the Indians)

Why does the Indian have corn? (Generally believed Indians introduced corn to Pilgrims though the point is they (Indians) shared food with the Pilgrims)

Why did the Pilgrims come to America? (So they could worship God openly)

What else do you know about Pilgrims or Indians?

What kind of box do you think they kept their Bible in?

This is an example of a hand painted New Hampshire Bible Box sold at auction in 2006. (From Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, " The Box, otherwise called Bible Box or desk box, is a small article designed to rest on a table. Undoubtedly it was sometimes used for a Great Bible. But in general, it was a receptacle for valuable papers or other articles too small or too important to place in a chest.")

Why did they keep the Bible in a box? They needed to both respect and protect the Bible. The pilgrims did not have printers setup yet so if it was ruined, lost or stolen, it could not easily be replaced.


One really nice thing about this activity is that when you are done, you should have lots of Indians and lots of Pilgrims to enact the Thanksgiving Celebration. Have each child think of one thing their Pilgrim and their Indian might have said at the First Thanksgiving!

Children instructions grade 1-4
1 Color, if you get the Indian and Pilgrim to color

2 Cut out the basic shapes

3. INDIAN: Put glue on GLUE SPACE

4. If you are using a tp tube, roll opposite end over GLUE SPACE until it fits snugly on the tube. you may glue the underside of the GLUE SPACE to secure it to the tube if you like (Optional) If you do not glue the Indian the the tube, it is possible to remove the tube and the Indian will still stand. In which case you can remove and reuse the tube. The Indian blanket may overlap farther than the dotted line; closer to the ZIG ZAG on the blanket. This allows for varying size tubes.

Be sure the bottom (Feet end) align with the bottom of the tube.

4a. If you do not use a tube, just roll the opposite end of the blanket over the glue space to meet the
dotted line. Be sure the bottom (feet ends) match up!

5. PILGRIM: complete similar to Indian. Align the BOTTOM of the Tube with the foot end of the Pilgrim. The paper is taller than any tube.

Cape may overlap depending on size tube.

6. PILGRIM HAT BRIM: Cut overall black circle if you haven't done it yet.
7. Pinch on dashed line and cut across dashed line
8. Insert scissors point in cut and continue to cut around inside shape. Remove all white paper.
9. Turn over brim and glue the tabs (bumps) on the inner circle.
10.Turn back up and fold the black tabs (bumps) so they stick up.
11. Place the brim over the top of the tube and gently pull down until it reaches the bottom of the hat.
12. Press the tabs to the hat by putting your fingers inside and outside the tube over a tab.
If it slides down, put a tidbit of tape on one of the tabs to the back of the hat to hold until the glue grabs.

For cutting tips and using scissors easily see our special page.

above 4 above 2 above 5 and 4
above 7. above 8.  

These are all provided as Microsoft Word Documents to minimize printing issues. You will be asked if you prefer to open or save the file. The choice is yours. (You can always save it after you open it as an option.)
Click the button below to get the set you want.

Colored Indian and Pilgrim

Indian and Pilgrim to color


Not suitable as a coloring page alone as the shapes are skewed to look right when the paper is rolled.


Real Kids Pilgrims and Indians completing the craft!
Age 6 to 10

Send us your completed project picture files - no children's faces, please, as a protection for the children.


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