Kids Sunday School Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Tree

Teacher and Kids Sunday School Activity Instructions

Thanksgiving tree with paper fall leaves to write messages of thanks to God

Teacher Plan for Autumn tree and leaves for Fall or Thanksgiving craft project.

Thanksgiving Tree and Autumn Leaves to color

Make a tree to celebrate the season, or Thanksgiving in particular.

You can use either a real tree branch or the paper one provided here as a poster.

Old Testament Psalms 69:30, Psalms 95:2, Psalms 100:4
1-4 (6)
Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity, Autumn Activity can be used for celebrating the seasons as well

Copies of the leaf Pages for each student

Copy of the large wall tree
Markers or crayons
Glue or tape
Tree or bush branch(s) 3 feet long with many ends
You can go to the woods and find one, or use bush branches you prune from your garden.Or ask a gardening neighbor!
Bucket of sand to stand the branch(s) in
String or yarn
Paper punch


The basic classroom poster tree is from our Teacher and Room Stuff section.

Print the tree and follow the instructions from the page so it is ready in advance of the project.



Real tree

Remove any remaining leaves and any thorns or sharp ends. Fill a bucket with sand and stand the branch in the bucket. - Adds greater interest for grades 3-6

Children instructions grade 1-4 (6)
1, Cut out the leaves - as many per child as the teacher prefers. - Colored and uncolored versions available.

2. Use marker or pen to write on each leaf one thing you are thankful to God for.
(duplicates are acceptable) Be sure to also write, " I thank God for....."

3. On Poster tree, use glue or tape to add the leaves.

4. TEACHER INSTRUCTION:While the children are writing what they are thankful for on the leaves, the teacher should go around to each child and see what they have written. Make a note of what each child has written and when the tree is filled with all the leaves, gather together and lead a prayer of thanks to God and include all of the things you noted as you went to each child.

5. On Real tree, you can do this a couple of ways:

Choice A: Punch a hole in the finished leaf about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from any edge. Cut yarn or string 7-9 inches long. Put the string through the hole and tie the string ends together to make a loop. Hang the loop over a branch end.

Choice B: Take the leaf and fold it on its face side in half roughly from stem to tip. Open the leaf. Put glue on the back side in the fold. Lay the open leaf on the branch along the fold. Press the glue along the branch and hold for a moment until it sticks on the branch. This will give the tree a "natural" look!

Get the web pages you prefer:

Already Colored leaves Leaves to color


Go to the instruction page for the poster tree



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