Sunday School Kids Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Pumpkin flip book

Teacher and Kids Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity Instructions

Really short Thanksgiving prayer of thanks to God

Teacher Plan for Harvest or Thanksgiving craft project.

Thanksgiving - Thankful Pumpkin

Make a flip book that will end up showing an animation of carved pumpkin features and a short prayer.

Some dexterity is required.

Teacher - make one before class so you know how it works!

1-4 (6)
Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity, Autumn Activity can be used for the end of October.

1 copy per child of flip-book page on stiffest paper possible. It will not work with flimsy paper. 24lb card stock is good but not necessary.

Markers or crayons (optional)










Children instructions grade 1-4 (6)

1. Cut 6 pages on solid lines
--- BE CAREFUL! They are not all the same size!

2. Put your name inside the cover which is page 1

3. Put pages in order with 1 on top and 6 on the bottom.
READ THE PAGES. NOTICE PAGE #5 Pumpkin is thinking about what to thank God for!!!!!

4. Tap all the pages together on the "staple edge" on a tabletop or desk to align them all on that edge. Notice each page will stick out a little more than the page before it. This is correct.

5. Staple together

6 Hold the book in your left hand with your thumb and index finger between the staples. All your other fingers will be underneath the book. Younger children can put their left thumb closer to the words "Giving Thanks" as it will be easier to flip the pages.

7 Put your right thumb on the words "Giving thanks" and all the rest of your fingers under the book.


You DO NOT turn the pages, you let them flip by!

8. Bend the book slightly between your thumbs.
You'll be pushing down slightly with your left hand while gently sliding your right thumb off the right edge of the book, passing and letting go each page in succession.

The faster you do it, the better the animation will work.


Get the page:

Get the Microsoft Word document





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