Sunday School bulletin board display crown for Jesus or crown to color

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Jesus is the king of kings!


Jesus Crown


Welcome the king!

Versatile Jesus craft for Jesus as king, king of kings, diadem or to welcome the king for palm Sunday.

Three versions of the crown

Grade 3 to adult can cut out the crown, if desired.

These large crown have decorataive, meaningful symbols explained below. Talk about the symbols that relate to Jesus.

Grades: p4-8
. New Testament Jesus
. Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19
Explain the symbols on the crown
instant activity
Copy of the crown you want
crayons or markers or colored pencils
scissors optional (grade 3+) if you want to cut it out
OPTION: Glitter is a great option for smaller kids
Got sequins? glue them on the letters JESUS!

(and staples or tacks if you are using it as bulletin board decoration)

Download and print outline crowns in color or black and white.
Colored crown best printed in color.

Click the button for what you want!

 Jesus Crown
             to color
            MS WORD

Welcome crown
            to color
            MS WORD

Colored welcome             crown 
            MS WORD
Jesus Crown                        to color as
Welcome crown
            to color
Colored welcome             crown 


This is part of our New Testament Bible Crafts for kids and may be used for several purposes.

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