Kid's Sunday School Mother's Day Crafts to take home in your pocket

Sunday School Bilbe resources

Mother's Day Cards for kids to make:
Favorite of older kids, but great all the way down to first grade.


Only 2 Inches square!

Tuck it in your pocket, backpack or purse!




Iddy Biddy Mother's Day Cards especially favored by older kids
For kids
1. Who Don't want to be seen carrying a huge Mother's Day card
2. Who enjoy tiny things
3. Who normally aren't into making greeting cards.


12 different designs including undesignated cards.

The only drawback for lower grade children would be coloring tiny spaces, so you might be wiser using already colored cards.

Honor your mother and father.... on this special day we especially honor mom by thanking her and/or telling her we love her.

Grades: Especially for older grades but can work down to first grade
Mother's Day kid's Cards
Exodus 20: 12 Honor your father and your mother..

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
White Glue
FINELINE markers



Choose from several Mother's Day card designs - Cards with text, cards with blank text space for your own message, colored fronts or Mother's Day cards to color. 3 different designs to a sheet. Cut apart and let the class choose or give each student a sheet and let them choose themselves.

1 below

2 below

There are 3 squares in the card:

The front square

The back square

The message square

The pre-printed side is
the front


Message ideas:

Thanks mom

You're a great mom

I appreciate you

Have a happy day

What can I do to help you today?

Thanks for everything you do for me.

Love you mom

Mother's Day card instructions

1. Cut apart card sheet on dotted line to give 3 separate cards
2. Write you message in the square shown for a message if it is blank message card.
Write your name in this square too.
If there is already a printed message in the square, just sign the card with your name or "Love" and then your name in this square.
3. Color the front if your card is an uncolored one.
4. Cut card rectangle on solid line

5. Fold on all dashed lines.
6. Turn over and put glue on the blank back of the message square

7. Flatten the message square so the glue sticks
8. Check that there is no glue seeping out
9. Fold the cover over the message square

10.Sunday School Kids (SSK) Card Done!

Click the button for the set you want.


1 Colored cards with message. Use color printer.

2 Mother's Day cards to color with message

3 Mother's Day cards to color with no message

4 Mother's Day cards with photo fronts but no message. Use color printer.

Colored fronts, no front greeting, no message. Undesignated recipient - can be grandma, aunt or anyone.




Mother's day Sunday School Resources FOR KIDS - Greeting Cards
from the Sunday School Director of Christian Education of Faith Congregational Church, Mount Prospect, Illinois

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