Toddler 2's and Preschool 3's and 4's learning to color and or learning to cut simple eggs

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Remembering Jesus on Easter and helping toddlers and preschool children who are learning new skills to applying them in Sunday School.

Preschool Easter Eggs to Color or Cut

The message is : Easter Eggs remind us about Jesus. (Eggs remind us of the new life Jesus promised us)

These very simple eggs are designed for children new to coloring and or new to using scissors.

2 eggs per page so they are not too big for small hands to handle.

The striped egg can be used for P2 learning to color. Show the children the spaces to color with your finger. Have them show it back to you. Guide the hand-eye coordination. More help for teachers in the instructions section.

The dotted coloring egg can be for preschoolers who have learned to color, but need practice cutting.

See our classroom scissors safety rules.

Grades: Toddlers, Preschool 3 and 4's

Matthew 28


Copy of an egg for each student (2 per page)
Crayons or markers
Safety Scissors children
Scissors (for teacher to cut apart|)


Print enough copies for each child to have an egg.

Teachers pre-cut the page in half

Striped egg to color - For P2 and P3 learning to color. Show the children the spaces to color with your finger on their paper. Have them show it back to you. Let the child choose one color and if your class is small enough or you have enough help, guide the hand-eye coordination by showing the space to the child again.

For P3 and P4 learning to cut, review safety rules for scissors before distributing them. Be sure the children are far enough apart so accidents between children are unlikely. Show the children the "Cut line" on their paper. Have them put their finger round the cut line on the paper before they pick up the scissors.

Show the children how to hold the scissors and the paper. Practice opening and closing the scissors near the table-top and make a cut on the edge of the paper.

Colors: If possible remove all the dark colors from the box or tub or whatever container you have for colors. It's ok if there are fewer choices as long as there is at least one per child. (It is a good lesson on sharing too) . Leave light, bright or pastel colors. Be sure to remove black and brown, and dark blue. Easter is a joyous and bright time.

Click the button for the eggs you want.

Striped Egg (Word)
Dotted Egg (Word)
Striped Egg (PDF) Dotted Egg (PDF)


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