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Younger Children's Bible activity for Holy Week

A good learning tool - Teachers Read while kids build the puzzle.

Holy Week Picture Puzzle Activity

More than a puzzle! Instructions for activity to follow along with reading of the story.

7 main events depicted:

Jesus enters Jerusalem
The Last Supper
Jesus in the Garden
Judge Pilate
The Crosses
Cave tomb
He is Risen - Easter aka Resurrection Sunday

Sometimes it's hard for younger children to relate to events thousands of years ago. Let's make it easier to learn about Holy Week!

Modern day photos and pictures for Holy Week and Easter made into a sequence puzzle for learning the story

Grades: P4, K, 1, 2
Holy Week Acativity
Book of Matthew

This is an "Instant Activity", thought there is some prep work before class.

Copy of Numbered page for each student
Glue -white glue or glue stick
Scissors (teacher)
Set of cut apart pictures for each child

Print enough copies. Cut apart pictures before class.

Modern pictures to understand Holy Week

Teacher Instructions:
1. Before class, print a puzzle piece picture sheet for each child. A color printer
is best but black and white will do.
2. Before class, print a numbered sequence sheet for each student. (Black and
White is fine)
3. Before class, the teacher should cut apart the sheet of puzzle piece pictures
for each child. Fastest cut is the whole 3 rows first, then cut apart pictures.
4. Mix up the pictures and paperclip together each set of puzzle piece pictures.
5. Give a numbered sheet to each student and put their name on the back.
6. Give a set of puzzle picture pieces to each child.

Student and teacher
1.Student: Layout all your pictures. Students IDENTIFY each picture with teacher help and teacher discussion. Teacher: Do not tell the story. Find pictures and explain in this order:
  - Garden with men in it: Garden name - Gethsemane
  - Man on a donkey with a palm tree branch: could be Jesus or could be one of
    his helpers (disciples) . What do you think?
  - Table set for dinner or supper
  - Sunset with crosses: Jesus was put on a cross to die with two other men.
  - Cave: a big dark hole in rocks
  - Judge: a person who decides if you should be punished for something you
    did . This judge is named Pontius Pilate. (Lots of people call him “Pilate”, but
    he had nothing to do with flying an airplane.)
  - Easter: When Jesus comes alive again.
4. Teacher :START to read the story from Palm Sunday through Easter from your favorite
book or Bible. See suggestions at the end of these instructions.
5. As you read, STOP when you come to the part where you talk about the
donkey and palm branches.
6. Have the children find the appropriate photo and place
it on number 1.(Do not glue yet)
7. Continue reading until you come to the part about the Last supper. STOP. Ask,
“Do you have any picture that might be about this?“ Have the children find
the appropriate table photo and place it on number 2 .Make sure they match
the shape – It goes sideways! (Do not glue yet)
8. Continue reading until you come to the part about the garden. STOP. Ask, “Do
you have any picture that might be about this?“ Have the children find the
appropriate photo and place it on number 3 .(Do not glue yet)
9. Continue reading through the story and stopping where you have a related
photo. Do til you have all the pictures laid in order on the paper.
10. Glue procedure: Remove photo #1 and put a dot of glue on #1. Replace
photo #1 on the space.
11. Do the same glue procedure for every other photo

12. Have the students tell the story from the puzzle pictures

Note - there's not much point to this activity if you have the students cut the photos apart themselves, so be sure you or your helper cut the photo apart before class and mix them up.

Click the button for the item you want.

Pictures (Word)
-to be cut apart before distribution
Numbered Page (Word) Instructions, clues, Bible reference (Word)
Pictures (PDF)
-to be cut apart before distribution
Numbered page (PDF) Instructions, clues, Bible reference (PDF)
Best Colored printed, but black and white will do Either black and white or color Either black and white or color


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