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Holy Week: Children's Lesson Support about the special days in Holy Week.
Lent, Holy Week and Easter teaching tool /learning aid.

Holy Week Then and Now ( Holy Week now and in Jesus' time)

Get the scoop on the special days in Holy Week. Learn when is Holy Week? What do we do in Holy Week now, and what did Jesus do during that week in his lifetime. It wasn't called Holy Week in Jesus time! Some folks call this week the week of Jesus' Passion.

Holy Week marks the end of Lent. Lent is the 40 days before Easter - not counting Sundays. Protestant churchs usually consider Lent goes through the Saturday (day) before Easter, while most Catholic churchs have Lent ending on Maundy Thursday. Learn about Maundy thursday too.

Most people would say the happy ending of Holy Week is Easter (Otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday).

For Holy Week Bible look-up, a complete table of events is referenced. Older classes might assign students to look up the events.

For teachers of all grades. For students grade 2-8

Lent, Holy Week and Easter

Matthew chapters 21 through 28

Copy for each student or just for the teacher, whatever you prefer.
Bibles (Optional)

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Kid's learn: What is Holy Week? What does Holy Week mean? Why is Good Friday good?


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