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Resurrection Cracked Egg Surprise
Resurrection Crack open Easter Egg




Can be used as an Easter table decoration, card or fridge decoration. Many children love to surprise other people. This egg gives them an opportunity to surprise someone with an Easter greeting by "Cracking open" the egg!

How do you open a real egg? To open a real egg, you usually tap it gently at its middle on a table, rim of a plate or bowl, or tap it with a spoon or knife. Nature opens the egg from the INSIDE. The chick pushes it open from the inside!

When you open an egg, you say you "Cracked" it open!

The egg never opens with perfect cut edges.Often is is jagged or rough. Our egg is something like that!

New life is waiting in the egg.

The egg reminds us of new life. Jesus promises us new life. It's called the resurrection.
What is the resurrection?
If you wish to explain it, "it means we will live again in a different way after we die! No one knows how it will be - We will all be surprised! You can ask for the children's ideas and respond if it is remotely possible, with "could be!" It's one of God's secret surprises for us."
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If your children ask, or if you want to share this: Eggs you buy in a grocery store are usually a lttle bit different that eggs that will grow chicks in them. Grocery store eggs are usually infertile eggs and will never grow into a chick. How are they different? Typically, they would not have a perfect round dot on the yolk. Grocery store eggs that could have grown into chicks are usually marked as fertile eggs! If you live on a farm and have a rooster and hens, it's possible you could get chicks from your eggs.




- To tell the difference between a solid line and a dashed line.
- to be able to fold carefully
- To identify a diamond and box or rectangle
- To identify a V
- To cut a slit. (not cut out)
- Follow instructions carefully

There are only 3 simple cuts, BUT you have to follow the instructions carefully!

Grades: best for grades 1-5,
but Kindergarten if they can do what's needed as outlined above.
. Easter - Resurrection
. Matthew: 22:29-32, Luke 14:14, John 5:28-29, 1Cor 15: 12-20

or with optional prep

Copy of activity page for each student
Fine Markers, colored pencils or crayons
Optional - 2.5 x 3 inches wide photo of each student or a picture of a spring flower, or other symbol or spring picture - if you use blank box egg

Print enough copies. Make a sample before class. If you have a lot of time, print different versions for fast finishers.


How to make
the Easter Egg

IDENTIFY the diamond, the V, and dashed lines.

Follow the order of instructions on the download page.

1. Cut out the whole shape on the heavy solid black line.


. .

2 Fold on the (Green) dashed line through the diamond!

3 Cut from one edge to the tip of the V then pull out the scissors.

3b. Put the scissors on the other edge of the diamond and cut to meet your first cut.


. .

3c. Flatten it out.

It should look like this.

4. Fold up and down along the tiny gray dashed line under the V- Pinch the paper and extend the fold through the V.

5. Put your scissors at the tip of the V and cut on the line through both layers of paper to the end of the V. STOP! Flatten out the paper.


. .


6 This is both Cuts. Fold on the (green) sideways (horizontal) dashed line by the V - BUT DO NOT FOLD THE V you cut! This means you fold on the dashes on one side of the V, and then on the other!

7. Reverse Folds.

Fold on the middle 2 dashed lines (in color, they are blue) So you see the dashed lines on the edge of the folds.

Identify these folds on the back of the paper.( If you need to, you can lightly draw a line over the fold to better identify it) You will REVERSE the fold. Turn the paper back the other way.


8 Put your message in the middle box (rectangle), OR color or decorate what is already in the middle box (rectangle) OR glue a photo of a child OR spring flower* in the rectangle!. When you open the egg, this is the surprise inside!

9 Decorate or color the Easter egg SHELL! (If you want the cracked edges to match in decoration, close the egg to decorate that part of the egg shell. )

* Find royalty free/ free use spring images on the web, or cut apart magazines or seed catalogs!



BOX means middle rectangle

1. Crack-open Easter egg with CROSS in box + undecorated shell

2. Crack-open Easter egg with CHICK in box + undecorated shell

3. Crack-open Easter egg TOTALLY UNDECORATED


Even if you do not wish to use #5, you might print just one to give the class ideas on decorating the egg shell!

You can print one #2 to talk about new life within an egg.

4. Crack-open Easter egg with greeting in the box + undecorated shell

5. Crack-open Easter egg with blank box, BUT outline DECORATED shell to color






Easter Sunday School Resources FOR KIDS

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