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What a hoot!

Be an ace flyer with these psuedo 1940's pilots goggles! They shouldn't fall off, because the band goes all the way around - just like real flying goggles.

Great as Vacation Bible Squadron equipment for Sky VBS 2012 particularly.

Pilot's Goggles

make sky VBS pilot goggles

You can make these goggles without ANY lenses! They still look great.

3,2,1 takeoff!

Seeing God's world through colored lenses is great fun. Point out white things that are now....what color are your lenses?

Pilots wore goggles in the early days of airplanes when the pilot sat in an "open cockpit" - a seat in the plane with no roof over it!

One famous pilot that flew this way was Charles Lindbergh:

and there were lady pilots then too. One was Amelia Earhart

and another unidentified lady pilot is shown here::

You can make goggles just like they wore.

How do you think the goggles helped? (not getting bugs in your eyes? Not getting wind or rain in your eyes? ) Notice the hat (helmet)? What do you supposed that helped with? (Hair flying in their faces perhaps?)

History of Goggles:

The Jeantet company seems to have pioneeered goggles.
In 1929 Leon Jeantet created a new eyewear for all motorcyclist, car driver or airplaine pilots. He called his new design "Aviator Goggles".

Airplane pilots quickly adopted use of goggles. Motorcycle drivers found goggles valueable too. Open racecar drivers and open car drivers (cars without a roof - like a convertable today) wore goggles. As aviation grew, barnstormer pilots and crop-duster pilots used them too. Aviator flying goggles went to war. The pilots of World War 1 (WWI) on both sides knew goggles were important in the open air cockpits. In WWII, both the Luftwaffe and American aviators wore orange tinted lenses in their goggles. One would think these helped with the sun as well as keeping bugs and dirt, weather and wind out of their eyes.

Years later, the Ray-Ban company created sunglasses to mimic the look of flyers goggles.

Summer Complete Grades: 2 through 7th grade

Preschool 4-Gr 1 (only if precut by student aid) (Use small size)

Copy of the goggles for each student use smooth card stock.
Colored cellophane or film - optional
Pencil (for putting your name on the inside)

Use smooth card stock. (65lb or greater -whatever your printer can handle)

Do not allow children to walk up and down stairs with goggles on, nor to cross streets. Same rules that apply to halloween masks and superhero goggles apply here. Tip them above your forehead as shown by pilots.

For making the goggles, the cutting is quite easy (for those who completed grade2) including the eye centers, when you follow the instructions. Have the children take extra time to be sure all the white is cut out of the eyepiece center.

Goggles differ from glasses in a few ways, one of which is that the band goes all around your head, unlike glasses that have separate ears. You will glue the 2 bands together as the last step.

Show the class the pilot photos.

I recommend you pre-make a pair of goggles to show the class and to get a feel for the size of a pair of goggles.

You must follow the order of instructions.

Fit the glasses to your head before gluing them "shut". Add a piece if you need it now.


Teachers ought to be sure the child prefits the goggles before gluing the bands together in case a piece needs to be added for a larger head.

The accordion pleats help with sizing. They act like a spring. As a teacher or helper, if the goggles are really loose, you can tape the pleats down for the child while the child has the goggles on and/or take the goggles off and fold more pleats.

Position of the tape is important. Top, bottom, right and left inside the frame.

Try not to cover the lens with tape. (this will blur vision)

Trim any tape that sticks out over the frame.

You can make these goggles without any lenses!
They still look great.

The standard goggles do say "VBS" in the squadron wings and "Faith is believing in things not seen". If you want Goggles without these words, use the Aviator goggles, motorcyle goggles, or racecar driver goggles.

Download and save Goggles as Microsoft Word document or Web page*

- younger than finished grade 2
-older than finished grade 2 through adult
SKY PILOT GOGGLES Pilot goggles to make

Small goggles
in MS Word document

Large goggles
in MS Word document

Small goggles
in web page*
(see pink note below)

Large goggles
as web page

PLAIN, LARGE Aviator goggles, Motorcyle goggles, or Race car driver goggles as web page.

(No VBS in wing)





Summer Sunday School Goggles FOR KIDS - Make Superhero goggles or pilot goggles. Not for use in water.
from the Sunday School Director of Christian Education of Faith Congregational Church, Mount Prospect, Illinois

©Jo Dibbern

Easy paper craft for kids for, CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) Christian Education, , VBS, Sunday School and Home School



For kids: How to make flyer's gear - free printed goggles pattern


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