Sunday School kids activity: New and Easy 6G Prayer

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A new personal prayer that's easy to remember - the 6 G's


6G Prayer


4g prayer

The 6G's:


How easy can it be?

Meaning given for each phrases on the right side of the page.

God Trinity symbols decorate the page: Trefoil on top and Fleur-des-lis on the bottom

Grades: 2 thru adult!
. New Testament
instant activity
Copy the prayer for each person- colored or uncolored
Colors, if you chose the version to color
teacher info

Each phrase shows its intended meaning.


Learn this meaningful new prayer quickly and easily.

Alternate learning method: Print one copy, post on bulletin board or rewrite on blackboard and have children write it down in their own handwriting.

Download and print these PDFs in color or black and white.

Click the button for what you want!


to color

to new prayer 
6G Prayer Colored
to new prayer  
6G prayer to color

If you are looking for other prayer crafts or activities, see our prayer choices page.

We are using PDFs so the project maintains its proper size. Write to us if you prefer an html page or MS Word document. These are designed for Acrobat 7.0 and newer.

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